The Tommy Mac Show

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 Tommy Mac first began his radio career Sunday mornings way back in 1976 in the small town of Caruthersville, Mo., where Don Dowdle and Mr. Billie Dee had a popular Sunday morning Gospel show and invited Tommy Mac on the show to help promote a singing in Kennett Mo., where The Happy Goodman Family was performing.

Tommy Mac came on the show helped promote the event and went back to his normal life. Soon he was asked to return to the show due to listener request. Tommy Mac spent his first year on the radio just talking about the gospel groups and events around the area. He did not even know how to run a turntable, but the listening audience keyed in on his unique voice and style, along with the truths it contained, as well as his knowledge of gospel groups. He also spent this first year on the radio without any pay. He says now he would still do it for free, except modern radio stations require a lot of money for their air time. From what was supposed to be a short appearance, Tommy Mac spent 25 years on the radio in Caruthersville as a part time Sunday morning DJ. He retired from his career outside of gospel music, in 2001 for health reasons and also decided to retire from radio at that time. Tommy Mac would like to show appreciation for his long time friend and radio mentor the late Mr. Rudy  Pilot, who had the long running radio show, OLD CAMP MEETING in Kennett Mo. Mr. Rudy, a WWII Veteran passed from this life on Pearl Harbor day Dec. 7 2003. He had a great listening audience and will be long remembered and missed dearly.
Tommy Mac seems to be called to spread the gospel on the radio. For just a short while after he retired, Mr. Tom Hill asked Tommy Mac to come back to radio on Sunday mornings only, in Blytheville, Ark., where he is still assisted by radio engineer Mr. Tom Hill. Tommy Mac still knows very little when it comes to the technical side of Radio broadcasting. However, he still has that unique gift to reach people from all walks of life through his Gospel Classics!
He loves to talk about southern gospel music and communicate with his listening audience every Sunday Morning Only !!!    6am thru 11am